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    Animal Technology & Welfare Journal (on-line access)
    CurveThe Learning 发表于 2020年02月17日 星期一 20:40

    ATW The Official Publication of The Institute of Animal Technology (IAT) and European Federation of Animal Technologists (EFAT) is free and available to access by everyone. Reports and papers within the journal will be useful references for your assignments

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    Latest Non-technical Summaries Published
    CurveThe Learning 发表于 2020年02月11日 星期二 09:37

    These summaries outline which projects were granted under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 during 2017.

    This may be of use to anyone completing the Level 3 Ethics assignment.


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    Weasels: Feisty and Fearless
    CurveThe Learning 发表于 2019年10月26日 星期六 20:05

    Ferrets are listed on Schedule 2 of ASPA.  Watch this great program about the mustlid family in the wild on BBC iPlayer.  In particular, how ferrets are able to stretch their spine in confined spaces yet lose virtually no speed