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    AS-ET Congress 2020 Bursary Competition
    The Learning Curve - Дүйсенбі, 11 Наурыз 2019, 10:19 келді

    Are you aware of AS-ET?  The Animals in Science - Education Trust provides bursaries for those working in the care and welfare of animals used in science and the course, workshop or meeting you are seeking funding towards must be connected with your work.

    Congress Bursary Competition


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    The Learning Curve қатысушының суреті
    Changes to assignment submission
    The Learning Curve - Бейсенбі, 7 Ақпан 2019, 3:13 келді

    Please visit the assignment submission presentation in Student Documentation to see the changes.  If an assignment is sent back or you are referred, you now leave your existing assignment and add the new one.  Screen shots demonstrate all the steps.

    Please remember to make any changes in your word processing software in a different colour so they are clear for the markers

    The Learning Curve қатысушының суреті
    IAT Advice Notice: The Provision of Water and Food for Lab Animals
    The Learning Curve - Сәрсенбі, 30 Қаңтар 2019, 3:06 келді

    View the IAT advice notice here