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    Vote for the finalists for the Janet Wood Innovation Award
    av The Learning Curve - onsdag, 20. januar 2021, 12:07

    It's time to #HaveYourSay on the 2020 Janet Wood Innovation Award! You can find out more about all these products in the thread below... There's also still time to vote online here: https://bit.ly/35u9zjl

    There are some really good ideas here which have been submitted from those people working in animal technology - do have a look! The deadline for voting is Monday 25th January 2021

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    The ABCs of LAA
    av The Learning Curve - mandag, 18. januar 2021, 08:41

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    IAT You Tube channel - lots of great webinars
    av The Learning Curve - onsdag, 30. desember 2020, 10:28

    The IAT have launched their own You Tube channel and content includes lots of great webinars from the IAT London Branch. Topics include zebrafish, rabbits, xenopus, naked mole rats and opossums! Have a look to help with your IAT assignments or for CPD training https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-SSnQ7s3NmuK_-dTdEhjoA

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    Allentown Webinars
    av The Learning Curve - onsdag, 2. desember 2020, 15:29

    Are you using Allentown products or looking for some resources for IAT assignments?  Allentown have put their webinars, product videos and slide decks all in one place to make it easy.  Visit Spotlight on 2020: The Year In Review to view these resources.

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    Free JAX Mini Courses
    av The Learning Curve - fredag, 20. november 2020, 05:56

    JAX have made a number of mini courses available free of charge.  Anyone can benefit from these, but particularly those IAT members currently studying Production of Animals or Use of GA Animals in Research.